Grammy sent Elliot a Power Rangers morphed toy for the summer. To say he was excited is an understatement.

Elliot’s been playing soccer a lot this summer. He loves to kick around the soccer ball, especially with his Dad. Jason’s been terrific finding the time to escape work & kick the ball around. This was another day IronMan made an appearance.

IronMan the patriot

Beach day a few weeks ago. Summer is flying by!

First day of summer vacation June 27. Hugging his sister. Soon-to-be best friends.

Celebrating the last day of school June 26th. Elliot can’t wait to have Steven at PS 316 next year. Since it was a half day of school, we grabbed a slice of pizza at Rosco’s for lunch with Kingston and Phoenix. I’m so proud of Elliot ;) note: ET was ecstatic to wear the tie dyed peace t-shirt Jason brought him from San Fran!

The day before the last day of Pre-k. Elliot posed with his buddy, Kingston, and his friend, Ingrid. She’ll be in Pre-k next year. Elliot’s teachers also sent home a book of drawings. Almost every picture seemed to be a picture of Elliot and his friend, Erik. So special!

Several weeks ago I took Elliot to see the movie “How to Train Your Dragon 2”. Jason was in San Francisco for work and Stella slept peacefully on me the whole time. We got ice cream afterwards.

A day at the beach several weeks ago before the haircut

Summertime lunching.

Summertime lunching.