Children’s Museum of Manhattan with our friends this afternoon. Elliot and Lauryn had a ball in the human body section. The toilet helped them learn about bodily functions. Hilarious and gross. He jazz exhibit was terrific. After hearing stories about Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald & Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, the storyteller asked the kids to help make a song. Elliot declared his favorite music to be jazz and Radiohead. The whole room cracked up. I sat in the back in awe (I was quietly feeding Stella). We don’t even listen to Radiohead as much as I’d like. So funny!

Morning cuddles

Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 today with our friends. Elliot and Steven were being silly while eating their ice cream.

Besides a Cyclones game we haven’t been to Coney Island at all this summer. So weird! As with most weeks this summer we spent Monday morning at Elliot’s violin lesson. So Tuesday demanded something more eventful considering school begins in a week. We sat up the umbrella near the playground. Elliot played for nearly 4 hours! We were exhausted, but it was worth it.

Elliot was proud to take this photo of his gears building toys.

Elliot was proud to take this photo of his gears building toys.

Last Thursday we went to the NY Hall of Science in Queens. I can’t believe we’ve never been before. It was super cool. There was a preschool section, an enormous play area outside, a Mars rover robot and the whole bottom floor was a “maker” area. Unfortunately, we got downstairs right as they were closing this part so Elliot didn’t get to participate in any hands-on building activities. I was so bummed. Instead we found the sports area upstairs with a batting cage and race cars that test your accuracy and quickness. Elliot has a Cool Cultures Pass which allows us access to museums all over the city for free. We’re trying to take as much advantage of it as possible!

Oh yeah! Sesame Place: Monday, August 18th. Part Two.

Sesame Place: Monday, August 18th. Part one. A fun day was had by all!

Wooden slide, Smith Playground in Philadelphia

Smith Playground in Philadelphia. They have a wooden slide in which you use burlap sacks for extra speed. Jason joined in a few times! After the Please Touch museum & a greasy lunch we needed some downtime at the playground.