Taking advantage of summer we walked to a Baskin Robbins off Broadway here in Bushwick. Elliot had a tie dyed sorbet and declared it to be the bestest ever!

Goofing off at Tiger Playground across the street

Cuties! Elliot loves to hold his baby sister.

Elliot loves playing at the playground across from our house. He especially loves the sprinkler area.

We went to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan yesterday. Elliot LOVED it! We went to a Curious George exhibit there several years ago. I can’t believe it’s been that long. I forgot they don’t have a place to snack, so we grabbed sandwiches at a deli off Broadway before heading back for the afternoon. It was a perfect afternoon for the perfect little guy :)

Grammy sent Elliot a Power Rangers morphed toy for the summer. To say he was excited is an understatement.

Elliot’s been playing soccer a lot this summer. He loves to kick around the soccer ball, especially with his Dad. Jason’s been terrific finding the time to escape work & kick the ball around. This was another day IronMan made an appearance.

IronMan the patriot

Beach day a few weeks ago. Summer is flying by!

First day of summer vacation June 27. Hugging his sister. Soon-to-be best friends.